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PanaVue ImageAssembler
digital image stitching system

PanaVue ImageAssembler stands as a professional yet highly accessible photo stitching software. Extremely powerful though deceivingly simple, it is meant for any type of user, from the beginner to the most experienced.

The Standard Edition has all the functionality you need to stitch panoramas and mosaics.

The Professional Edition has all the features of the Standard Edition plus the power to stitch huge images, professional color handling, easy post-production retouching integrated with Photoshop, and a sophisticated system for handling hand-held and hard-condition photos.

The Enterprise Edition has all the power of the Professional Edition plus the capability of being called from another application, thus automating the stitching of images in batch. This edition will let you embed the functionality of ImageAssembler into your own application.

Take a look at our top panoramas... and discover more as you browse through our website! There are 26 of them and of course, they have all been created with ImageAssembler.
They are generously provided by these photographers:
Tamas D.Varga, PanoGraph Ltd (Hungary)
Bob and Lori Schneider, ImageEssence (USA)
SEO Services Shipping Software Helge Vatne (Norway)
Richard Gosler, Pixelhaus Studios (UK)
Gilbert Morin, PanaVue (Canada)

After you download our photo stitching software, please setup a virtual tour hosting account below!

Free downloads


Download PanaVue Image Assembler 3 Enterprise Edition (for free!)

Take a look at our Image Gallery

ImageAssembler has been awarded 5-cow by Tucows

“Simply the most fantastic Photo Stitching Software on the market!  RTV, Inc, a leading virtual tour software company, has been using Panavue now for 11 years ...sure, we check out other stitching software packages out there periodically, but to date no other one has ever come close to it. Thanks Panavue!” - Jason LaVanture, RTV, Inc Founder



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