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PanaVue ImageAssembler 3
Available in Three Editions

Standard Edition

All the functionality you need to stitch panoramas and mosaics.

Professional Edition

All the features of the Standard Edition plus the power to stitch huge images, professional color handling, post-production retouching integrated with Photoshop, and a sophisticated system for handling hand-held and hard-condition photos.

Enterprise Edition

All the features of the Professional Edition plus the capability of being called by another application either directly with command line arguments or by OLE-Automation, thus automating the stitching of images in batch. It can also be used to embed the functionality of ImageAssembler into another application.

PanaVue ImageAssembler 3 Features

See the Product Comparison Chart for a deeper comparison.
Price in $ (USD) Not Available Not Available Free
Automatic and manual stitching of panoramas and mosaics
Support all cameras and virtually all lenses
Correct lens distortion
and misalignment
Advanced color matching and image blending Improved
Automatic cropping New
Single-step 360 wrapping New
Large images support
up to 100 000 x 100 000 pixels New
Better handling of hand-held and difficult-case photos New  
Photoshop PSB and PSD multi-layer output New  
ICC color profiles New  
16-bit per channel colors New  
Project files in XML format New    
Can be called from another application    
New = New features added in ImageAssembler 3
Improved = Improved features of ImageAssembler 3

Download PanaVue ImageAssembler trial version
One trial version good for all three editions. Unlimited use time.

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