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Upgrade and Update Policy

We call an upgrade the promotion to the latest available "major" revision. The main version number (the one to the left of the dot) must change. For example, going from ImageAssembler 2 to ImageAssembler 3 is an upgrade.

We call an update the promotion to the latest "minor" revision available for your version. The main version number does not change. For example, going from  ImageAssembler 3.1 to ImageAssembler 3.3 is an update.

All updates are free.

Upgrades are available at a reduced price at all time. For a limited time (usually three months) after the release of a new major version, upgrades are available for free to customers who purchased the previous version within three months of the release. Customers who have subscribed to our mailing list will be notified of new major releases. To subscribe to our mailing list, please see the support.

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